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Насадка Kenwood AT 910004 MACCHERONI LISCI Код: 0117 999 00 грн Насадка для приготовления макаронных изделий — Macceroni. Background and Identification ¶ The Kenwood Chef is a food mixer developed by Ken Wood in Britain. It is a single machine with a number of attachments that allow it to perform many functions. David Davenport told me that «The Goodwood Revival event is quite an expensive motor sport weekend but is themed on historical motor racing. This model operates on a bayonet with circular spring shaft fitting for the beaters. Насадка Kenwood KAH 358 GL Код: 0480 1799 00 грн Материал изготовления: ThermoResist. Step 4. Pull off the plastic end of A — the outlet catch for the slow-speed outlet cover.