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Another area where I think Canon have an edge is the way they are able to retain colour in a photo when the flash is being used. Ищу Service Manual или Part list к OLYMPUS FE-5000. Lion-muzic Новичок Сообщения: 25 04/06/2012 14:14 цитата Люди очень нужна инфа на Коня А1200. Блок схема, принципиалка, вообщем что нибуть что указывает на его питающий блок. When it comes to using higher ISO settings I see the usual deterioration in picture quality. At ISO 400 this is already noticeable, but at ISO 1600 picture quality is very poor indeed and I don’t really understand why manufacturers include such high ISO levels on their cameras. Again the IXUS 70 produces an above average image. I am not used to seeing this level of detail and clarity from a pocket sized digital camera. This can be used with either —capture-image which would leave all images on the card, or —capture-image-and-download which captures and downloads the images immediately.

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