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Important — if you do not want to delete any data of your phone, just uncheck flashing userdata.sin file. Our tutorials will be of course updated every time when Sony Mobile publishes anything new, affecting any of our topics. Tap ”Export to SD card”. This option is the safest one to create a vCard, as you can copy the vCard from you SD card to your computer as well or you can save that file in cloud storage e.g Dropbox. Get back to the main screen of the Contacts Backup and tap ”Restore” this time. As soon as you tap Restore it will detect the Backed Up file from your phone’s memory and ask you to select it. One of the very useful options here is Scheduled Backups, it allows you to backup your important call logs automatically after a specific interval of time you set. Each tutorial has been done many times to verify its propriety, so just read carefully all instructions and continue step by step.

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