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Bulk, Breez, and Nex didn’t appear in the TV show for unknown reasons. Aldous Witch was a mild professor at Hero Factory, helping train new heroes, possibly including a young Preston Stormer. Managing to down the failsafe shields Black Phantom put around Hero Factory, Rocka joins the returned heroes to combat Black Phantom. Background The Witch Doctor is the main antagonist in the summer 2011 storyline. Von Nebula goes after Stormer, believing him to be the bigger threat, but Furno destroys the black hole and Von Nebula is sucked into his own Black Hole Orb Staff. When they return to Hero Factory, Surge is upgraded and commended for his actions. 2011B – Savage Planet[edit] In the summer storyline, new rookie Hero Rocka is sent to find civilian Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on Quatros.

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