Инструкция для fm модулятора

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Our automatic exciter switchers, stereo generators, and transmitter diagnostic software are all designed with one purpose in mind: coupling minimal maintenance with mission-critical stability. phone: +1 217.224.9600 email:. Available in 20 kW to 40 kW models with 80 kW achievable in dual combined configurations. The second command line argument is the frequency to transmit on, as a number in Mhz. Eg. This will transmit on 100.0 sudo ./pifm sound.wav 100.0 It will work from about 1Mhz up to 250Mhz, although the useful FM band is 88 Mhz to 108 Mhz in most countries. Modulation is done by adjusting the frequency using the fractional divider between 100.025Mhz and 99.975Mhz, which makes the audio signal. Big lcd screen and attached remote control make everyday using easy and plesant.

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