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During a conference, John Patrick sends colleagues at IBM quick-fire emails that are filled with interesting quotes, announcements, statistics, and insights. For working a big trade-show floor, some hard-core attendees bring a digital camera to take pictures of products that are not yet featured in brochures. Then wrangle an invitation to one of the highbrow gatherings that bring together industry executives (PC Forum, Agenda, TED) or political and social figures (the World Economic Forum, Renaissance Weekend) in resort settings. Likewise, more and more commandos are experimenting with audio, video, and animation in their presentations. After Maria Campbell and her colleagues return from the Frankfurt Book Fair, they assemble for a two-hour post-event meeting. How many years has it been around?» asks Jim Sterne, who has been the top-rated speaker at Mecklermedia Corp.’s Internet World conferences for six years in a row. «You also want to be sure that you’re addressing an audience of people who are interested in your message.

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